I’ve always liked the concept of Tetris and with that in mind I started to make lots and lots of drawings. The Tetris blocks are built out of four squares. I choose six. In Composition Grid you can elaborate with the squares and make different combinations. Every possible combination of six black squares has a drawing detail belonging to it. While you move the black squares around you will at the same time make a drawing.

There’s a lot of drawing work behind Composition Grid. Out of six squares you can create 216 unique formations. So, I had to draw 216 different creatures. Since I felt a horizon was needed I had to make the double amount of drawing – a flying version and a ground version.

One of the most important aspects of Composition Grid is the idea of the original. What’s the original and authentic if everything is digital? With Composition Grid I’m offering a tool to create original art pieces made in collaboration with me. If you feel satisfied with a drawing you can print it out. As it’s printed my signature will appear. It’s a sign of the art piece authenticity. From there on that specific drawing can never be printed again and you can be sure that you are the only one with that unique drawing.