Documents of Accuracy

Documents of Accuracy is a series of drawings inspired by Bernardo Soares, supposedly the editor of The Unwritten Quarterly. The theme running through the whole magazine is always connected to the idea that fiction lives right amongst us. Bernardo Soares writes in the editorial letter: “I once created a writer, whom I used as a tool, so that I could eventually make myself into nothing. I made myself into nothing so that I could become everything and everyone. I am several, am many, I am a profusion of selves. In the process I may have lost myself. But what I really gained was the possibility of becoming anyone.”

Some might argue that Soares does not exist—he was always a mere result of the imagination. Some might say that he died a hundred years ago—that was the time when the Portuguese writer Fernando Pessoa created him, and later on: killed him. Still others will argue that he will forever exist, just as long as someone keeps him alive.

  • July 4th, 2011