Life found in stones

Since 2014 I have given life to Jonas Falck, active in the late 18th century. I found him inside hollow stones at Kultsjön in northern Sweden. Jonas Falck considered himself to be one of Linnaeus’ disciples, something the renowned botanist never confirmed. It is in the footsteps of my imaginary explorer that I catalogue unusual discoveries of mutated animals.

Lately I’ve returned to the hollow stones found around Kultsjön. I’ve been thinking about life found in stones, about meteorite impacts, about mutation in nature.

I found Jonas Falck inside these stones because of their unusual appearance. I had many questions and no one could answer them. No one except an imaginary nature enthusiast from a different time. Finding life in stones in not far-fetched. After all, some small lifeforms are said to come from space rocks.

  • April 12th, 2020