”Vattenvarelser”, pediatric care unit of Huddinge Hospital

“Water Creatures/Vattenvarelser,” a public art commission that I recently completed at the pediatric care unit of Huddinge Hospital, draws inspiration from the nature studies conducted by Jonas Falck. Living in the late 18th century, he operated in a landscape of possibilities. The installation is spread throughout the entire care unit. There are 16 patient rooms, including 8 isolation rooms. Each patient room features a unique painting of a water creature. Additionally, two larger wall sections depict underwater themes in the corridors.

The pediatric ward is a place where many children and their families unfortunately spend far too much time. Therefore, it feels especially meaningful to create art for these individuals, offering them an escape to mentally travel to another world, to dream away, to encounter the unknown, to marvel, and to fantasize.



  • January 29th, 2024

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