Time and again we venture into patches of darkness, encouraged by curiosity and openness. Sometimes the unexpected unfold and a new world is revealed. For me, the unraveling event was the discovery of a curious stone by lake Kultsjön. The stone later uncovered of the hitherto unknown Jonas Falck, a self-taught scientist from Västernorrland.

In Jonas Falcks vetenskapliga iakttagelser, I’ve collected thoughts and experiences that arose in the company of Jonas Falck, active during the late 18th century. Guided by detailed drawings of mutated animals at Kultsjön, extinct water creatures from Fårö, and peculiar mushrooms discovered around Norra Kvarken, a world of possibilities is made visible. But truth is elusive. Sometimes imagination and hope take over and any answer to the question of who Jonas Falck was is anything but fully formulated.

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  • November 28th, 2022

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