I am one of twenty-four artists exhibiting at Manifest Creative Research Gallery in Cincinnati, Ohio. The show opens Friday, May 27, and ends June 24. The pieces I contribute with are my three spheres, all titled The Circular Ruins.

The web site of the Manifest gallery informs:


Small works are very portable and fit well into many spaces. They also evoke in the viewer a sense of one’s own physicality, in a completely different way than average or large sized works. Small works are intimate; inviting approach and inspection. Like short poetry, they are a challenge to craft with the same presence of their larger counterparts.

We are delighted to offer this seventh annual exhibit of works no larger than seven inches in any dimension.

For this seventh incarnation of the project 349 artists submitted 801 works for consideration by Manifest’s rigorous jury process. Forty-one works by the following 24 artists were selected for presentation in the gallery and catalog.

MAGNITUDE 7.7 at Manifest Creative Research Gallery, Cincinnati, OH

  • May 27th, 2011

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